Skydome Images

Here are some redistributable skydome images from Philo's sky collection.  Philo made these nice images with a cool camera rig.  His 'Equirectangular corrected images' are similar to the hemispherical skydomes that Enviro/vtlib wants.  Basically, they have been run through the following steps:

  1. shifted up by 20 pixels to account for a small difference in horizon line
  2. cropped to contain only the hemisphere (top half of the sky)
  3. resized to 2048x512 and 1024x512

Enviro users can put these in the Data/Sky folder anywhere on your data path.  The 2k images should work fine with any modern graphics card, although some people may want to use the 1k image to save a little texture memory.

philo_sky1_2k.jpg and philo_sky1_1k.jpg

philo_sky2_2k.jpg and philo_sky2_1k.jpg

philo_sky3_2k.jpg and philo_sky3_1k.jpg

philo_sky5_2k.jpg and philo_sky5_1k.jpg

philo_sky9_2k.jpg and philo_sky9_1k.jpg