Command-line Options

-no_startup_dialog This will suppress the startup dialog, Enviro will simply use the contents of the Enviro.ini file, proceeding as if the startup dialog had opened and the user pressed "OK."
-fullscreen Start up in full screen mode.
-terrain=name Start up in Terrain View with the indicated terrain.  This also suppresses the startup dialog.
-locale=name Tells Enviro what language to use for the Menus and Dialogs.  This can be either a full English language name, or a two-character standard abbreviation.


  • -locale=Swedish
  • -locale=sv
  • -locale=Russian
  • -locale=ru

Note that if your computer is set to a non-English language, Enviro will detect it and try to use it automatically, so this command-line option is only needed to override the default behavior.

-location=name When a terrain opens, start at this named location.  If the location name has spaces in it, you should enclose it in quotes.

Example: -locale="Kilauea Caldera"

-neutral When the main frame window opens, don't launch any terrain, just wait for user input.