Keyboard shortcuts

Navigation / Camera / View

f Fly faster (when in navigation mode)
s Fly slower (when in navigation mode)
a Toggle 'Maintain height above ground'
d Toggle 'Grab-pivot' navigation
w Toggle 'Navigate without mouse button'
Ctrl+R Reset Camera
Ctrl+T Toggle Top-Down View
Ctrl+F Fullscreen

Mode / Scene

Ctrl+D Measure Distances
Ctrl+G Go to Terrain
Ctrl+N  Save Numbered Snapshot
Ctrl+W  Wireframe
x OSG's detailed statistics display: Press several times to cycle through information displays


Ctrl+I Time
Ctrl+L  Store/Recall Locations
Ctrl+S Camera - View Settings
Ctrl+P Ephemeris
Ctrl+Q  Terrain LOD Info

Earth View

Ctrl+A Show Axes
Ctrl+E Flatten
Ctrl+U Unfold