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Dymaxion Textures

The VTP libraries and applications support texture-mapping the whole earth using the Dymaxion Projection, which is an icosahedral projection of the earth developed by Buckminster Fuller in 1934.  For more explanation of the projection, see Icosahedral mapping on the vterrain.org Spherical Textures page.

10 square textures are used to cover the earth.  However, most earth images are distributed as a single, large rectangular image using a straight geographic projection:


What is needed is a way to project this image into the 10 square texture tiles used for the Dymaxion Projection, which look like these:


VTBuilder provides a menu command "Project: Create Dymaxion Textures" which will do this operation for you.  It asks for:

The projection is then done and the files are written to the same directory as the source image.

To use your image tiles in Enviro, copy them to the "Data/WholeEarth" folder, then choose it from the Enviro Startup dialog.