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Water Layers

VTBuilder can import water (shoreline/river vectors) data from these formats:

Currently you can only display water data.  This can be very useful as an aid in aligning other data layers.  However, since there is no standard file format yet for streams and rivers, they can't be saved.

Water as an Elevation Layer

The VTP 3D runtime environment (Enviro) can load an elevation TIN as a water surface.  This is a very powerful way to represent water, as a surface which typically intersects the ground surface.  Where is it higher than the ground, water is visible.  This is very similar to how water is modeled as "water table" in hydrology.

To work with this kind of water in VTBuilder, it is treated just like an elevation TIN, so you can treat it as an Elevation Layer.  Save your TIN to the standard format (.itf) and location (Data/Elevation).  In Enviro, you can specify it as water using Terrain Parameters: Ephemeris: Water surface.