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Road Layers

VTBuilder supports networks of transportation elements.  The topology is represented by nodes (intersections) and roads (a centerline path between two nodes).

Road data is imported from raw data sources, and saved to a compact Road Map Format (RMF). You can load multiple files, merge them, and delete areas that are not of interest.  Traffic direction and intersection behavior can be modelled and easily edited.

VTBuilder can import road data from these formats:


Roads are displayed with color that indicates their properties:

Black: Normal (paved) road

Brown: Unpaved (dirt) road

Thick Red: Highway

Grey: Gravel

Dotted Brown: Trails

Dashed Black: Railroad

For nodes, the colors are:

Blue: NONE, uncontrolled

Green: ALL LIGHTS, controlled intersection with all lights

Red: ALL STOPS, controlled intersection with all stop signs

Dotted Green: LIGHTS, controlled intersection with at least one traffic light

Dotted Red: STOP SIGN, controlled intersection with at least one stop sign

Colors are inverted when the road or node is selected.

Road Menu

Use of RMF Files

In order to use the RMF files you have generated, copy them to a folder named RoadData on any of your data paths.  The next time you run Enviro, they will appear on the "Roads Filename" drop-down control in the Terrain Parameters dialog.

Currently Unimplemented: