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DPolygon2 Member List

This is the complete list of members for DPolygon2, including all inherited members.

Add(const DPoint2 &p)DPolygon2
ComputeExtents(DRECT &rect) const (defined in DPolygon2)DPolygon2
ContainsPoint(const DPoint2 &p) const (defined in DPolygon2)DPolygon2
GetAsDLine2(DLine2 &dline) const DPolygon2
InsertPointAfter(int iInsertAfter, const DPoint2 &Point)DPolygon2
Mult(double factor)DPolygon2
NearestPoint(const DPoint2 &Point, int &iIndex, double &dist) const DPolygon2
NearestSegment(const DPoint2 &Point, int &iIndex, double &dist, DPoint2 &Intersection) const DPolygon2
NumTotalVertices() const (defined in DPolygon2)DPolygon2
RemoveColinearPoints(double dEpsilon)DPolygon2
RemoveDegeneratePoints(double dEpsilon)DPolygon2
RemovePoint(int N)DPolygon2
ReverseOrder() (defined in DPolygon2)DPolygon2
WhichRing(int &iVtxNum) const (defined in DPolygon2)DPolygon2