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FMatrix3 Member List

This is the complete list of members for FMatrix3, including all inherited members.

AxisAngle(const FPoint3 &vec, double theta) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
data (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3protected
FMatrix3() (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
FMatrix3(const FMatrix4 &mat) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
Get(int col, int row) const (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
Identity() (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
IsIdentity() const (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
MakeOrientation(const FPoint3 &vector, bool bPitch=true)FMatrix3
operator()(int col, int row) const (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
operator=(const FMatrix4 &mat) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
PostMult(const FMatrix3 &mat) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
PreMult(const FMatrix3 &mat) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
Set(int col, int row, float v) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3inline
SetFromMatrix4(const FMatrix4 &mat) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
SetFromVectors(const FPoint3 &forward, const FPoint3 &up) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
SetRow(int row, float f0, float f1, float f2) (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3
Transform(const FPoint3 &src, FPoint3 &dst) const (defined in FMatrix3)FMatrix3