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FQuat Member List

This is the complete list of members for FQuat, including all inherited members.

AxisAngle(const FPoint3 &axis, float angle) (defined in FQuat)FQuat
FQuat() (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
FQuat(float qx, float qy, float qz, float qw) (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
FQuat(const FQuat &q) (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
FQuat(const FPoint3 &axis, float angle) (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
GetMatrix(FMatrix3 &matrix) const FQuat
Init() (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
Inverse() const (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
Invert() (defined in FQuat)FQuat
LengthSquared() const (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
operator*(const FQuat &q) const (defined in FQuat)FQuat
operator*=(const FQuat &q) (defined in FQuat)FQuat
operator/(const FQuat &q) const (defined in FQuat)FQuat
operator/=(const FQuat &q) (defined in FQuat)FQuat
operator=(const FQuat &q) (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
Set(float qx, float qy, float qz, float qw) (defined in FQuat)FQuatinline
SetFromMatrix(const FMatrix3 &matrix)FQuat
SetFromVector(const FPoint3 &direction) (defined in FQuat)FQuat
SetFromVectors(const FPoint3 &forward, const FPoint3 &up) (defined in FQuat)FQuat
Slerp(const FQuat &from, const FQuat &to, double f)FQuat
w (defined in FQuat)FQuat
x (defined in FQuat)FQuat
y (defined in FQuat)FQuat
z (defined in FQuat)FQuat