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vtCRS Member List

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GeodesicDistance(const DPoint2 &in, const DPoint2 &out, bool bQuick=false)vtCRSstatic
GetDatum() const vtCRS
GetProjectionName() const vtCRS
GetProjectionNameShort() const vtCRS
GetTextDescription(char *type, char *value) const vtCRS
GetUnits() const vtCRS
GetUTMZone() const vtCRS
GuessEPSGCode() const vtCRS
IsDymaxion() const (defined in vtCRS)vtCRSinline
LogDescription() const (defined in vtCRS)vtCRSprotected
m_bDymaxion (defined in vtCRS)vtCRSprotected
operator!=(const vtCRS &ref) const vtCRS
operator=(const vtCRS &ref)vtCRS
operator==(const vtCRS &ref) const vtCRS
ReadProjFile(const char *filename)vtCRS
SetDatum(int iDatum)vtCRS
SetDymaxion(bool bTrue) (defined in vtCRS)vtCRSinline
SetGeogCSFromDatum(int iDatum)vtCRS
SetProjectionSimple(bool bUTM, int iUTMZone, int iDatum)vtCRS
SetSpatialReference(OGRSpatialReference *pRef)vtCRS
SetTextDescription(const char *type, const char *value)vtCRS
SetUTMZone(int iZone)vtCRS
vtCRS() (defined in vtCRS)vtCRS
WriteProjFile(const char *filename) const vtCRS
~vtCRS() (defined in vtCRS)vtCRS