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vtTin Member List

This is the complete list of members for vtTin, including all inherited members.

_CompareBins(int bin1, int bin2) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_GetLocalTrianglePoints(int iTriangle, FPoint3 &p1, FPoint3 &p2, FPoint3 &p3) const (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_ReadTin(FILE *fp, bool progress_callback(int)) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_ReadTinBody(FILE *fp, bool progress_callback(int)) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_ReadTinHeader(FILE *fp) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_ReadTinOld(FILE *fp) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
_UpdateIndicesInInBin(int bin) (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
AddSurfaceType(const vtString &surface_texture, float fTiling) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
AddTri(int v1, int v2, int v3, int surface_type=-1) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
AddVert(const DPoint2 &p, float z) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
AddVert(const DPoint2 &p, float z, FPoint3 &normal) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
AppendFrom(const vtTin *pTin)vtTin
CastRayToSurface(const FPoint3 &point, const FPoint3 &dir, FPoint3 &result) const vtTininlinevirtual
ComputeExtents() (defined in vtTin)vtTin
ContainsEarthPoint(const DPoint2 &p, bool bInclusive=false) const vtHeightFieldinline
ContainsWorldPoint(float x, float z) const vtHeightField3d
ConvertEarthToSurfacePoint(const DPoint2 &epos, FPoint3 &p3, int iCultureFlags=0, bool bTrue=false) const vtHeightField3d
ConvertProjection(const vtCRS &proj_new) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
FindAltitudeAtPoint(const FPoint3 &p3, float &fAltitude, bool bTrue=false, int iCultureFlags=0, FPoint3 *vNormal=NULL) const vtTinvirtual
FindAltitudeOnEarth(const DPoint2 &p, float &fAltitude, bool bTrue=false) const (defined in vtTin)vtTinvirtual
FindTriangleOnEarth(const DPoint2 &p, float &fAltitude, int &iTriangle, bool bTrue=false) const (defined in vtTin)vtTin
FreeData() (defined in vtTin)vtTin
GetArea2D() (defined in vtTin)vtTin
GetArea3D() (defined in vtTin)vtTin
GetAtTri(int t) const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
GetCenter(FPoint3 &center) const (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3d
GetEarthExtents() const (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightFieldinline
GetHeightExtents(float &fMinHeight, float &fMaxHeight) const vtHeightField
GetTri(int t, int &v0, int &v1, int &v2) const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
GetTriangleNormal(int iTriangle) const (defined in vtTin)vtTin
GetTriMaxEdgeLength(int iTri) const vtTin
GetVert(int v, DPoint2 &p, float &z) const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
HasVertexNormals() const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
Initialize(const LinearUnits units, const DRECT &earthextents, float fMinHeight, float fMaxHeight) (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3d
Initialize(const DRECT &extents, float fMinHeight, float fMaxHeight) (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightField
LineOnSurface(const DLine2 &line, float fSpacing, float fOffset, bool bInterp, bool bCurve, bool bTrue, FLine3 &output)vtHeightField3d
m_BinSize (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_bReplace (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_EarthExtents (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightFieldprotected
m_fDiagonalLength (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3dprotected
m_file_data_start (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_file_tris (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_file_verts (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_fMaxHeight (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightFieldprotected
m_fMinHeight (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightFieldprotected
m_LocalCS (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3d
m_pCulture (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3dprotected
m_proj (defined in vtTin)vtTin
m_surfidx (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_surftype_tiling (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_surftypes (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_tri (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_trianglebins (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_tribin (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_vert (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_vert_normal (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_vertbin (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
m_WorldExtents (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3d
m_z (defined in vtTin)vtTinprotected
MemoryNeededToLoad() const (defined in vtTin)vtTin
MergeSharedVerts(bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
NumTris() const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
NumVerts() const (defined in vtTin)vtTininline
Offset(const DPoint2 &p) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
PointIsAboveTerrain(const FPoint3 &p) const vtHeightField3d
Read(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
ReadADF(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
ReadBody(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
ReadDXF(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
ReadGMS(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
ReadHeader(const char *fname)vtTin
ReadPLY(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
RemoveTrianglesBySegment(const DPoint2 &ep1, const DPoint2 &ep2)vtTin
RemTri(int t) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
RemVert(int v) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
Scale(float fFactor) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
SetCulture(CultureExtension *ext) (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3dinline
SetEarthExtents(const DRECT &ext)vtHeightField3dvirtual
SetSurfaceType(int iTri, int surface_type) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
SetupTriangleBins(int bins, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)vtTin
TestTriangle(int tri, const DPoint2 &p, float &fAltitude) const vtTinprotected
UpdateWorldExtents() (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3dprotected
VertOffset(float fAmount) (defined in vtTin)vtTin
vtHeightField() (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightField
vtHeightField3d() (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3d
vtTin() (defined in vtTin)vtTin
Write(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WriteDAE(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WriteDXF(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WriteGMS(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WriteOBJ(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WritePLY(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
WriteWRL(const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL) const vtTin
~vtHeightField() (defined in vtHeightField)vtHeightFieldinlinevirtual
~vtHeightField3d() (defined in vtHeightField3d)vtHeightField3dinlinevirtual
~vtTin() (defined in vtTin)vtTinvirtual