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wstring2 Class Reference

Inherits wstring.

Public Member Functions

 wstring2 (const wchar_t *__s)
 wstring2 (const char *__s)
const char * mb_str () const
size_t from_utf8 (const char *in)
const char * to_utf8 () const

Detailed Description

Another string class. This one always stores string internally as 16-bit wide characters, and can convert to and from other representations as desired.

Unlike the C++ standard "wstring" class, on which it is based, this class can convert to and from UTF8 and default encoded 8-bit character strings.

Unlike wxString, this class always uses wide characters, so it does not need to be compiled in two flavors. It also avoids a dependency on all of wxWidgets as well..

Unlike MFC's CString, this class actually stores wide characters rather than messy, multi-byte variable encodings.