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vtMesh Member List

This is the complete list of members for vtMesh, including all inherited members.

AddFan(int p0, int p1, int p2=-1, int p3=-1, int p4=-1, int p5=-1)vtMesh
AddFan(int *idx, int iNVerts)vtMesh
AddLine(int p0, int p1)vtMesh
AddLine(const FPoint3 &pos1, const FPoint3 &pos2)vtMesh
AddQuad(int p0, int p1, int p2, int p3)vtMesh
AddRectangleXY(float x, float y, float xsize, float ysize, float z=0.0f, bool bCentered=false)vtMesh
AddRectangleXZ(float xsize, float zsize)vtMesh
AddStrip(int iNVerts, unsigned short *pIndices)vtMesh
AddStrip2(int iNVerts, int iStartIndex)vtMesh
AddTri(int p0, int p1, int p2)vtMesh
AddVertex(float x, float y, float z)vtMesh
AddVertex(const FPoint3 &p)vtMesh
AddVertexN(float x, float y, float z, float nx, float ny, float nz)vtMesh
AddVertexN(const FPoint3 &p, const FPoint3 &n)vtMesh
AddVertexNUV(const FPoint3 &p, const FPoint3 &n, const FPoint2 &uv)vtMesh
AddVertexUV(float x, float y, float z, float u, float v)vtMesh
AddVertexUV(const FPoint3 &p, float u, float v)vtMesh
AddVertexUV(const FPoint3 &p, const FPoint2 &uv)vtMesh
AllowOptimize(bool bAllow)vtMesh
CreateBlock(const FPoint3 &size)vtMesh
CreateConicalSurface(const FPoint3 &tip, double radial_angle, double theta1, double theta2, double r1, double r2, int res=40)vtMesh
CreateCylinder(float height, float radius, int res, bool bTop=true, bool bBottom=true, bool bCentered=true, int direction=1)vtMesh
CreateEllipsoid(const FPoint3 &center, const FPoint3 &size, int res, bool hemi=false, bool bNormalsIn=false)vtMesh
CreateOptimizedBlock(const FPoint3 &size)vtMesh
CreatePrism(const FPoint3 &base, const FPoint3 &vector_up, const FPoint2 &size1, const FPoint2 &size2)vtMesh
CreateRectangle(int iQuads1, int iQuads2, int Axis1, int Axis2, int Axis3, const FPoint2 &min1, const FPoint2 &max1, float fLevel, float fTiling)vtMesh
CreateRectangularMesh(int xsize, int ysize, bool bReverseNormals=false)vtMesh
GetVtxColor(uint i) const vtMesh
GetVtxNormal(uint i) const vtMesh
GetVtxPos(uint i) const vtMesh
GetVtxTexCoord(uint i) const vtMesh
SetLineWidth(float fWidth)vtMesh
SetVtxColor(uint, const RGBAf &)vtMesh
SetVtxNormal(uint, const FPoint3 &)vtMesh
SetVtxPos(uint, const FPoint3 &)vtMesh
SetVtxTexCoord(uint, const FPoint2 &)vtMesh
TransformVertices(const FMatrix4 &mat)vtMesh
vtMesh(PrimType ePrimType, int VertType, int NumVertices)vtMesh