VTP/OpenSG Terrain Library (vtopensg)


The vtopensg library implements vtlib on top of OpenSG.  The great majority of the porting work was done by Martin Witzel from 2006 to 2007.  As of 2008, the library works quite well, with Enviro running well on top of it with only a few caveats.


  1. Seen in Enviro: Shading of trees looks wrong when the wireframe highlight is shown.
    Is this a state problem of a shaded and unshaded material in the same subgraph?
  2. Seen in Enviro: Re-shading of terrain does not work.
    Is this a problem of texture update, is texture update implemented for OpenSG?
  3. Seen in Enviro: Crash on exit seen, when the SceneViewOSG object is destructed, or some other object.
  4. Seen in Enviro: Crash seen when calling vtGeom::RemoveMesh.
    Perhaps a reference count issue, does dynamic deletion of meshes work?
  5. Reference counts are reportedly not maintained properly, which may explain some of the issues above.