VTP Distribution Files - Windows Binaries

That's it, just launch the programs (and documentation) from the VTP folder of your Start Menu.

On some Windows computers, you may get a message like "This application has failed to start.." when you run a VTP program.  If so, you may need need to install:


  1. The basic data includes only a few plant images.  If you desire, you can download the Full Plant Library (80 MB), which you should unzip to your Data directory, e.g. C:/Program Files/VTP/Data
  2. Hawaii-demo.zip (32 MB) contains some demo data of the Island of Hawaii.  Unzip it to your Data directory, and the next time you run Enviro, you should see the new terrain in your Startup dialog.

Older Windows versions:

You will find documentation for each application in the Docs folder under each directory, and also documentation and tutorials online.

Please send questions, bug reports and all other feedback to the VTP Discussion List.