Notes 99.03.12

Walk from Bill's House mauka

Upward through pasture, Gulch is filled with (roseapple?) and strawberry guava.

Pasture is fenced regularly, barbed wire, with metal gates between each section.

Pasture has a rather large number of trees in this area; around 60% Ohia and 40% Silk Oak.  They are spaced irregularly around 20-40 meters apart.

Saw two ponds, clearly artificial.  First was surrounded by lilly and pond grasses, second looked newer, black plastic containment and no plants grower in or around.

At tree line, a fence.  At the edge of the forest, a few Koas, taller grass, then plunge into dappled darkness of the forest: around 50% strawberry guava and 50% another dark-green leaved tree, unidentified, doesn't look the (roseapple?) in the gulch.