Notes 99.03.18

Car trip from Pauillo to Hilo

d-cane: Degraded Canefields - land once covered by sugar cane but now unused, typically containing some scraggly cane, grasses, and ironwood

Euc.: Eucalyptus planted for pulp, 2 m apart in rows 3 m apart

Trip up Kaiwiki Rd.

Drive from base on Wainuenue in Hilo up onto Saddle Road

Saddle road vegetation notes: (17.9 mi. above Hilo)

Lava is mostly a'a with some flat areas, beautiful colored lichens/mosses, eg. green, red, white, Ferns: swordferns grows out of areas first eroded by lichens, ama'u grows in depressions

trees: Ohia is very dark green, with red-tinged new leaves, very gnarled up there

Black berries growing on grow (kipunene?)

the ama'u in this very wet area aren't tinged with red.