Bibliography - Virtual Hawai‘i

these are the Hawai‘i-specific books i've acquired and used so far

Atlas of Hawai‘i, 3rd Edition
Sonia P. Juvik, James O. Juvik, Thomas  R. Paradise (1998)
This is the biggest, most up-to-date source of information on the state - a must-have book.

Atlas of Hawai‘i, 2nd Edition
UH Dept. of Geography (1983)
Though now largely obsolete, i used this edition heavily and still refer to it for some information (such as a vegetation zone map) not included in the third edition.

Hawai`i's Plants and Animals : Biological Sketches of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Charles P. Stone and Linda W. Pratt (1994)
This wonderful book devotes 2-3 pages to each major species of plant and animal found in the HVNP, which fairly well describes the common species for the entire island.

Alien Plant Invasions in Native Ecosystems of Hawai‘i
Charles P. Stone, Clifford W. Smith and J. Timothy Tunison (editors) (1992)
A massive volume (887 pages) i've only started to tap for detailed species information.

Alteration of the Native Hawaiian Vegetation : Effects of Humans, Their Activities and Introductions
Linda W. Cuddihy and Charles P. Stone (1990)
Appears to be a good summary the larger body of literature.

Hawai‘i: The Islands of Life
Gavin Daws, The Nature Conservancy (1988)
A big glossy coffee-table book, full of great reference images.

Above Hawai‘i : A Collection of Nostalgic and Contemporary Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Islands
Robert Cameron (1986)
Excellent aerial photos, including 25 of the big island, though they're all oblique.

Trees of Hawai‘i
Angela Kay Kepler (1990)
A slim book, mostly pictures.  It only covers a small handful of species, and they're mostly ornamentals and introductions.

In the Wake of Dreams : Reflections of Hawai‘i
Paul Berry (1993)
A mixed bag of small photos and essays on culture and the environment.

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