Triangulation of Simple Polygons
Ben Discoe, notes from 2001.02.11, updated through 2009.01

I needed some code for tessellating polygons, which could be integrated into the VTP libraries, with the following desirable traits:

Here are each of the options i found.

  1. OpenGL
  2. Fast Polygon Triangulation based on Seidel's Algorithm (1995)
  3. Efficient Polygon Triangulation, by John W. Ratcliff on flipcode
  4. GPC
  5. "Triangle" by Jonathan Shewchuk
  6. TerraGear
  7. Panda3d
  8. Poly2Tri (Liang / Kittelman, 2005)
  9. poly2tri (Mason Green?, 2009-)
  10. JTS