Visualization in Landscape and Environmental Planning
Technology and Applications

Edited by: Ian Bishop, Eckart Lange



Taylor & Francis



Pub Date:

05 MAY 2005


Hardback Book


£55.00 / $97.00


340 pages
(Dimensions 246X189 mm)

This major reference presents the challenges, issues and directions of computer-based visualization of the natural and built environment and the role of such visualization in landscape and environmental planning. It offers a uniquely systematic approach to the potential of visualization and the writers are acknowledged experts in their field of specialization. Case studies are presented to illustrate many aspects of landscape management including forestry, agriculture, ecology, mining and urban development.


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Foreword: Stephen Ervin.
Part One. 1. Communication, perception and visualization. 2. Visualization Classified. 3. Data sources for three-dimensional models. 4. Visualization Technology. 5. Validity, reliability, and ethics in visualization.
Part Two - Applications. 6 - Application in the Forest Landscape. 7. Applications in the agricultural landscape. 8. Applications in Energy, Industry and Infrastructure. 9. Applications in the urban landscape
Part Three - Prospects. 10. Visualization Prospects. Index.