Project ENS 3D:

Computational system for Reduction of Losses in Nets of Distribution of Energy with Interface in Virtual Reality

A project of FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo - São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil), Process number: 02/07862-3

The team


This project is a a new concept for a 3D GIS, which is an integration of 2D and 3D visions with a Power Diagram scheme for a basic application of electrical power distribution. The theme for this project is the electrical power distribution and the aim is the integration of the three environments. By applying the evolutionary algorithm (EA) this system contributes to the optimization of resetting and restoration processes. This system is named ENS 3D (Energy Network System 3D) and it includes a virtual three-dimensional environment, which enables the use of basic cartography elements, São Carlos main buildings and the electrical power network with the evolutionary algorithm effects.



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