Index of Linklint results
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 01:05:13 (local)
Linklint version: 2.3.5
  summary.txt: summary of results
      log.txt: log of progress
    file.html: found  82 files
   fileX.html: found  82 files (cross referenced)
   fileF.html: found  58 files with forward links
  remote.html: found 113 other links
 remoteX.html: found 113 other links (cross referenced)
  anchor.html: found  44 named anchors
 anchorX.html: found  44 named anchors (cross referenced)
  imgmap.html: found   2 named image maps
 imgmapX.html: found   2 named image maps (cross referenced)
  action.html: -----   4 actions skipped
 actionX.html: -----   4 actions skipped (cross referenced)
   error.html: ERROR   2 missing files
  errorX.html: ERROR   2 missing files (cross referenced)
  errorF.html: ERROR   5 files had broken links
  errorA.html: ERROR   5 missing named anchors
 errorAX.html: ERROR   5 missing named anchors (cross referenced)
httpfail.html: -----   2 links: failed via http
  httpok.html: -----  82 links: ok via http