Building the VTP Libraries and Applications under Unix
(including Linux, BSD, Irix, Mac OS X...)

1. Acquire the Source

  1. Source control: you can get the very latest VTP source with Mercurial.
  2. -or-
  3. Archive: Source code (2.2 MB zip file)

2. Install and Build

You should refer to the General Unix Build Instructions.

If you are using Mac OSX, see Pete Willemsen's How to get VTP running on Mac OS X, which is dated but may have some valuable insights for Mac people.

3. Confirm that you have the data files installed for GDAL and PROJ.4.

4. Download Application Data (8 MB) (required) contains basic data for the main applications, includes a world map for use by VTBuilder, and earth image, plant images, road textures, etc. for Enviro.


  1. (32 MB) (optional) contains some demo terrain data, including elevation and satellite imagery for the Island of Hawai`i.  You don't need this if you are only going to use your own geospatial data.
  2. (80 MB) (optional) contains a large library of billboard plant textures.

5. Run!

You will find documentation for each application in the Docs folder under each directory, and also online.

See the FAQ and status pages for bug reports, feature requests, etc.

Try the software on your own geospatial data!

Send feedback to myself or the VTP mailing list, or the vtp-unix mailing list for anything specific to Unix/Linux/MacOSX.

See also: Porting Notes