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VTBuilder is a tool for viewing and processing geospatial data.  It can import a wide variety of data formats, and output efficiently to 3d runtime software such as VTP Enviro.

The usual process is:

  1. Acquire raw geospatial data (elevation, road vectors, etc.)
  2. Read them into VTBuilder.
  3. Clean up the data with operations such as bringing it into alignment, extracting areas of interest, merging and resampling, and supplying missing information.
  4. Write the data out.



VTBuilder treats data as Layers, much like other GIS software tools.
Layers are organized into the following types:

Because VTBuilder knows what kind of data is contained in each layer, it can perform operations on them which exploit high-level geospatial knowledge.

Each layer corresponds with a file on disk.  The file can be imported or a native format.  Layers can be read from any imported data format, and can be both read and written to native formats.


You can save a description of all the current layers to a project file (.vtb).  This is a convenient way to remember what files you have open, and quickly open them all again later.

For imported data, the project file will store the name of the imported file, which will be imported again when the project is loaded.  For native formats, the layer is simply loaded from the native file.


This software is entirely free to use and redistribute, with this license.
Questions or comments can be sent to info@vterrain.org
More information about the VTP software is online at http://vterrain.org/