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FLine2 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FLine2 (int size)
 FLine2 (const FLine2 &ref)
FLine2operator= (const FLine2 &v)
FLine2operator= (const DLine2 &v)
float Area () const
float SegmentLength (uint i) const
void NearestPoint (const FPoint2 &Point, int &iIndex, float &dist) const
void NearestPoint (const FPoint2 &Point, int &iIndex) const
bool NearestSegment (const FPoint2 &Point, int &iIndex, float &dist, FPoint2 &Intersection) const
void InsertPointAfter (int iInsertAfter, const FPoint2 &Point)
void ReverseOrder ()
bool IsConvex () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtArray< FPoint2 >
 vtArray (uint size=0)
 vtArray (const vtArray< FPoint2 > &)
uint GetSize () const
uint GetMaxSize () const
bool SetSize (uint)
bool SetMaxSize (uint)
uint GetElemSize () const
FPoint2GetData () const
void FreeData ()
bool IsEmpty () const
FPoint2GetAt (uint i) const
bool SetAt (uint i, FPoint2)
vtArray< FPoint2 > & operator= (const vtArray< FPoint2 > &)
FPoint2operator[] (uint i)
const FPoint2operator[] (uint i) const
void Clear ()
bool RemoveAt (uint i, int n=1)
int Append (const FPoint2 &)
int Append (const vtArray< FPoint2 > &)
int Find (const FPoint2 &) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtArray< FPoint2 >
virtual bool Grow (uint)
virtual void DestructItems (uint first, uint last)
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtArray< FPoint2 >
uint m_Size
uint m_MaxSize

Detailed Description

A series of 2D points. This is useful for representing either a series of points, line segments or a closed polygon. Single-precision.

Member Function Documentation

void FLine2::NearestPoint ( const FPoint2 Point,
int &  iIndex,
float &  fClosest 
) const

Return the nearest point (of the points which make up the line). This is not the same as the closest place on the line, which may lie between the defining points.

PointThe input point.
iIndexIndex of the first point of the nearest line segment.
fClosestDistance from the FLine2 to the input point.
void FLine2::NearestPoint ( const FPoint2 Point,
int &  iIndex 
) const

A slightly faster version of NearestPoint which doesn't provide the distance to the closest point.