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FPolygon3 Class Reference

Inherits FLine3Array.

Public Member Functions

void Add (const FPoint3 &p)
void Mult (float factor)
void ReverseOrder ()
uint NumTotalVertices () const
int WhichRing (int &iVtxNum) const

Detailed Description

Represent a 3D polygon as a collection of closed rings, each of which is represented by a FLine3. The first FLine3 is the 'outside' ring, any subsequent FLine3 are 'inside' rings, which are holes.

In most usage, there should be a consistency in the vertex ordering: the 'outside' ring should be counter-clockwise, and the 'inside' ring(s) should be clockwise.

Member Function Documentation

void FPolygon3::Add ( const FPoint3 p)

Add the given amount to all coordinates of the polygon. Spatially, this offsets the location of the polygon.

void FPolygon3::Mult ( float  factor)

Multiplies (scales) all the coordinates of the polygon.