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FRECT Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 FRECT (float l, float t, float r, float b)
void SetRect (float l, float t, float r, float b)
float Width () const
float Height () const
bool IsEmpty () const
void SetToZero ()
void Sort ()
bool ContainsPoint (float x, float y) const
void Center (FPoint2 &center) const
FPoint2 Center () const
void operator+= (const FPoint2 &delta)

Public Attributes

float left
float top
float right
float bottom

Detailed Description


These rectangle classes are meant to be used for geographical areas, or texture coordinates, which assume that the vertical axis increases upward, not like typical screen coordinates which increase downwards.

This means that the Height() method returns top-bottom, not bottom-top as would be the case with downward-increasing coordinates.