vtdata library
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Field Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Field (const char *name, FieldType ftype)
int AddRecord ()
void SetNumRecords (int iNum)
void SetValue (uint iRecord, const char *string)
void SetValue (uint iRecord, int value)
void SetValue (uint iRecord, double value)
void SetValue (uint iRecord, bool value)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, vtString &string)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, short &value)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, int &value)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, float &value)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, double &value)
void GetValue (uint iRecord, bool &value)
void CopyValue (uint FromRecord, int ToRecord)
void GetValueAsString (uint iRecord, vtString &str)
void SetValueFromString (uint iRecord, const vtString &str)
void SetValueFromString (uint iRecord, const char *str)

Public Attributes

FieldType m_type
int m_width
int m_decimals
vtString m_name
vtArray< bool > m_bool
vtArray< short > m_short
vtArray< int > m_int
vtArray< float > m_float
vtArray< double > m_double
vtStringArray m_string

Detailed Description

This class is used to store values in memory for each record.

Someday, we could use values directly from a database files instead, or even some interface for accessing very large or remote databases.