vtdata library
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vtString Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 vtString (const vtString &stringSrc)
 vtString (pcchar lpsz)
 vtString (const uchar *psz)
 vtString (pcchar lpch, int nLength)
int GetLength () const
bool IsEmpty () const
void Clear ()
char GetAt (int nIndex) const
const char & operator[] (int nIndex) const
char & operator[] (int nIndex)
void SetAt (int nIndex, char ch)
 operator pcchar () const
const vtStringoperator= (const vtString &stringSrc)
const vtStringoperator= (pcchar lpsz)
const vtStringoperator= (const uchar *psz)
const vtStringoperator+= (pcchar lpsz)
const vtStringoperator+= (const vtString &string)
const vtStringoperator+= (char ch)
void Concat (pcchar buffer, size_t length)
int Compare (pcchar lpsz) const
int CompareNoCase (pcchar lpsz) const
bool IsNumber () const
bool Matches (pcchar lpsz) const
vtString Mid (int nFirst, int nCount) const
vtString Mid (int nFirst) const
vtString Left (int nCount) const
vtString Right (int nCount) const
void MakeUpper ()
void MakeLower ()
void MakeReverse ()
void TrimRight ()
void TrimLeft ()
int Find (char ch) const
int ReverseFind (char ch) const
int Find (char ch, int nStart) const
int FindOneOf (pcchar lpszCharSet) const
int Find (pcchar szSub) const
int Find (pcchar szSub, int nStart) const
int Replace (char chOld, char chNew)
int Replace (const char *strOld, const char *strNew, bool bReplaceAll=false)
int Remove (char chRemove)
int Insert (int nIndex, char ch)
int Insert (int nIndex, pcchar pstr)
int Delete (int nIndex, int nCount=1)
void WIN_UNIX_CDECL Format (pcchar lpszFormat,...)
void FormatV (pcchar lpszFormat, va_list argList)
void FormatForURL (const char *szInput)
vtString FormatForURL () const
void WIN_UNIX_CDECL FormatMessage (pcchar lpszFormat,...)
pchar GetBuffer (int nMinBufLength)
void ReleaseBuffer (int nNewLength=-1)
pchar GetBufferSetLength (int nNewLength)
void FreeExtra ()
pchar LockBuffer ()
void UnlockBuffer ()
wstring2 UTF8ToWideString ()
vtString UTF8ToLocal ()
int GetAllocLength () const

Protected Member Functions

vtStringData * GetData () const
void Init ()
void AllocCopy (vtString &dest, int nCopyLen, int nCopyIndex, int nExtraLen) const
void AllocBuffer (int nLen)
void AssignCopy (int nSrcLen, pcchar szSrcData)
void ConcatCopy (int nSrc1Len, pcchar szSrc1Data, int nSrc2Len, pcchar szSrc2Data)
void ConcatInPlace (int nSrcLen, pcchar szSrcData)
void CopyBeforeWrite ()
void AllocBeforeWrite (int nLen)
void Release ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void Release (vtStringData *pData)
static size_t SafeStrlen (pcchar lpsz)
static void FreeData (vtStringData *pData)

Protected Attributes

pchar m_pchData


vtString operator+ (const vtString &string1, const vtString &string2)
vtString operator+ (const vtString &string, char ch)
vtString operator+ (char ch, const vtString &string)
vtString operator+ (const vtString &string, pcchar lpsz)
vtString operator+ (pcchar lpsz, const vtString &string)

Detailed Description

This class encapsulates a simple string, much like the 'CString' of MFC, or the 'wxString' of wxWidgets.

Member Function Documentation

vtString vtString::UTF8ToLocal ( )

For a vtString which contains a UTF-8 encoded string, attempt to convert it to a string in the local (current locale) character set.