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HeightfieldChunker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool ProcessGrid (const vtElevationGrid *grid, FILE *out, int tree_depth, float base_max_error, float vertical_scale, float input_vertical_scale, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)

Detailed Description

Functionality for dealing with ChunkLOD files.

Member Function Documentation

bool HeightfieldChunker::ProcessGrid ( const vtElevationGrid grid,
FILE *  out,
int  tree_depth,
float  base_max_error,
float  vertical_scale,
float  input_vertical_scale,
bool   progress_callbackint = NULL 

Generate LOD chunks from the given heightfield.

tree_depth determines the depth of the chunk quadtree.

base_max_error specifies the maximum allowed geometric vertex error, at the finest level of detail.

Spacing determines the horizontal sample spacing for bitmap heightfields only.