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RGBf Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RGBf (float _r, float _g, float _b)
 RGBf (const class RGBi &v)
 RGBf (const class RGBAf &v)
void Set (float _r, float _g, float _b)
RGBf operator+ (const RGBf &v) const
RGBf operator- (const RGBf &v) const
RGBf operator* (float s) const
RGBf operator/ (float s) const
void operator+= (const RGBf &v)
void operator*= (float s)
void operator/= (float s)
RGBfoperator= (const RGBf &v)
RGBfoperator= (const class RGBi &v)
RGBfoperator= (const class RGBAf &v)
bool operator== (const RGBf &v2) const
bool operator!= (const RGBf &v2) const
bool operator< (const RGBf &v2) const

Public Attributes

float r
float g
float b

Detailed Description

An RGB class for handling color operations.

This one handles colors with float components (0.0 - 1.0)