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vtBitmapBase Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual uchar GetPixel8 (int x, int y) const =0
virtual void GetPixel24 (int x, int y, RGBi &rgb) const =0
virtual void GetPixel32 (int x, int y, RGBAi &rgba) const =0
virtual void SetPixel8 (int x, int y, uchar color)=0
virtual void SetPixel24 (int x, int y, const RGBi &rgb)=0
virtual void SetPixel32 (int x, int y, const RGBAi &rgba)=0
virtual IPoint2 GetSize () const =0
virtual uint GetDepth () const =0
void ScalePixel8 (int x, int y, float fScale)
void ScalePixel24 (int x, int y, float fScale)
void ScalePixel32 (int x, int y, float fScale)
void BlitTo (vtBitmapBase &target, int x, int y)

Detailed Description

An abstract class which defines the basic functionality that any bitmap must expose.