vtdata library
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vtDLGFile Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Read (const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)
 Reads a file. Pass it the name of a DLG-O (.opt) file. Returns true if successful.
bool GetRecord (char *buf)
DLGType GuessFileType ()
 after loading, guess file type from the element attributes
const char * GetErrorMessage ()
 if an error occured, return it as an English message
void OpenFile ()
void CloseFile ()
vtCRSGetCRS ()

Public Attributes

int m_iError
char m_header [80]
int m_iNodes
int m_iAreas
int m_iLines
bool m_bLFdelimited
const char * m_fname
DPoint2 m_SW_utm
DPoint2 m_NW_utm
DPoint2 m_NE_utm
DPoint2 m_SE_utm
DPoint2 m_SW_lat
DPoint2 m_NW_lat
DPoint2 m_NE_lat
DPoint2 m_SE_lat
std::vector< DLGNode > m_nodes
std::vector< DLGArea > m_areas
std::vector< DLGLine > m_lines

Protected Attributes

FILE * m_fp
vtCRS m_crs

Detailed Description

Implements reading data from a USGS DLG file.