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vtLULCFile Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 vtLULCFile (const char *fname)
 constructor - pass it the name of a LULC (GIRAS) file
 ~vtLULCFile ()
void SetupMapping ()
 attempt to determine the mapping from local to latlon
void ReadSection (LULCSection *pSection, FILE *fp)
int GetRecord (FILE *fp, char *buf)
void LocalToLatlon (Coord &local, DPoint2 &latlon)
void ProcessLULCPolys ()
void ProcessLULCPoly (LULCSection *pSection, LULCPoly *pPoly)
int FindAttribute (double utm_x, double utm_y)
const char * GetErrorMessage ()
 if an error occured, return it as an English message
uint NumSections ()
 access sections
LULCSection * GetSection (int i)
 access sections

Public Attributes

int m_iError
 return error type if it didn't load successfully
Coord m_cMin
Coord m_cMax
Coord m_cCorners [6]
DPoint2 m_Corners [6]

Detailed Description

Implements reading data from a USGS LULC file.