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vtLog Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void StartLog (const char *fname)
void Log (const char *str)
void Log (char ch)
void Printf (const char *pFormat,...)
void Log (const wchar_t *str)
void Printf (const wchar_t *pFormat,...)

Detailed Description

This class provide a convenient way to log all the messages that your application generates. Everything logged will be saved to a file, and also be sent to the console. Under MSVC, the log output will go to the Debug Output window.

There is always and only a single vtLog instance (singleton), called g_Log.

To use:

VTLOG("This code was compiled on %s\n", __DATE__);
VTLOG1("Program starting.\n");

That's it. The file will be flushed immediately after every write, so that log output will not be lost even if your application crashes.