vtdata library
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vtUtilityMap Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual vtPoleNewPole ()
virtual vtLineNewLine ()
vtPoleAddNewPole ()
vtLineAddNewLine ()
uint NumPoles () const
uint NumLines () const
void GetPoleExtents (DRECT &rect)
bool WriteOSM (const char *pathname)
bool ReadOSM (const char *pathname, bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)
void SetProjection (const vtCRS &proj)
bool TransformTo (vtCRS &proj)
void Offset (const DPoint2 &delta)

Protected Member Functions

vtPoleClosestPole (const DPoint2 &p)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< vtPole * > m_Poles
std::vector< vtLine * > m_Lines
vtCRS m_proj
int m_iNextAvailableID

Detailed Description

vtUtilityMap represents a full high-level network of poles and lines.