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vtStructInstance3d Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual bool CreateNode (vtTerrain *pTerr)
 Create the node(s) and position them on the indicated heightfield.
virtual void ShowBounds (bool bShow)
void UpdateTransform (vtHeightField3d *pHeightField)
 (Re-)position the instance on the indicated heightfield
void Reload ()
 Attempt to reload from disk.
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtStructure3d
virtual vtGeodeGetGeom ()
 Access the Geometry node for this structure, if it has one.

Detailed Description

This class extends vtStructInstance with the ability to construct and manage 3D representations of the instance.

Member Function Documentation

void vtStructInstance3d::ShowBounds ( bool  bShow)

Display some bounding wires around the object to highlight it.

Reimplemented from vtStructure3d.