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vtStructureLayer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool Load (bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtStructureArray3d
void SetTerrain (vtTerrain *pTerr)
 Indicate the heightfield which will be used for the structures in this array.
bool ConstructStructure (vtStructure3d *str)
 Construct an individual structure, return true if successful.
void VisualDeselectAll ()
 Deselect all structures including turning off their visual highlights.
void SetEnabled (bool bTrue)
 Enable (set visibility of) the structures.
void SetShadows (bool bTrue)
 Set shadows on/off for all structures.
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtLayer
void SetProps (const vtTagArray &props)
 Set the properties for this layer, which includes style.
vtTagArrayProps ()
 Get the properties for this layer, which includes style.

Detailed Description

This class encapsulates vtStructureArray3d as a terrain layer.

Member Function Documentation

bool vtStructureLayer::Load ( bool   progress_callbackint = NULL)

Attempt to load structures from its VTST file.