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vtTiledGeom Member List

This is the complete list of members for vtTiledGeom, including all inherited members.

AddMesh(vtMesh *pMesh, int iMatIdx)vtGeode
AddTextMesh(vtTextMesh *pMesh, int iMatIdx, bool bOutline=true)vtGeode
ContainsEarthPoint(const DPoint2 &p, bool bInclusive=false) const vtHeightField
ContainsWorldPoint(float x, float z) const vtHeightField3d
ConvertEarthToSurfacePoint(const DPoint2 &epos, FPoint3 &p3, int iCultureFlags=0, bool bTrue=false) const vtHeightField3d
GetBoundSphere(FSphere &sphere, bool bGlobal=false)NodeExtension
GetEnabled() const NodeExtension
GetHeightExtents(float &fMinHeight, float &fMaxHeight) const vtHeightField
GetMesh(int i) const vtGeode
GetTextMesh(int i) const vtGeode
IsVisible(const FSphere &sphere) const vtDynGeom
IsVisible(const FPoint3 &point0, const FPoint3 &point1, const FPoint3 &point2, const float fTolerance=0.0f) const vtDynGeom
IsVisible(const FPoint3 &point, float radius) const vtDynGeom
IsVisible(const FPoint3 &point) const vtDynGeom
LineOnSurface(const DLine2 &line, float fSpacing, float fOffset, bool bInterp, bool bCurve, bool bTrue, FLine3 &output)vtHeightField3d
NumMeshes() const vtGeode
PointIsAboveTerrain(const FPoint3 &p) const vtHeightField3d
RemoveMesh(vtMesh *pMesh)vtGeode
SetCastShadow(bool b)NodeExtension
SetEarthExtents(const DRECT &ext)vtHeightField3dvirtual
SetEnabled(bool bOn)NodeExtension