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vtPrimInfo Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int Vertices
 Number of vertices which the geometry will draw.
int Primitives
 Total number of primitives of all types.
int MemVertices
 Number of vertices stored in memory, which may appear more than once in indexed primitives.
int Points
 Number of Point primitives.
int TriStrips
 Number of Triangle Strip primitives.
int TriFans
 Number of Triangle Fan primitives.
int Triangles
 Number of total Triangles in all the primitives.
int Quads
 Number of Quad primitives.
int QuadStrips
 Number of Quad Strip primitives.
int Polygons
 Number of Polygon primitives.
int LineStrips
 Number of Line Strip primitives.
int LineSegments
 Number of Line Segments in all the primitives.

Detailed Description

Contains information about the primitives in a set of geometry