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vtShadowOptions Struct Reference

Public Attributes

float fDarkness
bool bShadowsEveryFrame
bool bShadowLimit
float fShadowRadius

Detailed Description

Shadow options

Member Data Documentation

bool vtShadowOptions::bShadowLimit

Set to true, shadows will only be drawn within this radius of the camera. Highly recommended to set this, since shadow resolution is limited.

bool vtShadowOptions::bShadowsEveryFrame

Set to true to improve rendering speed by only recomputing shadows when the camera has moved significantly (1/10 of shadow radius) since the last frame.

float vtShadowOptions::fDarkness

Darkness (opacity) of the shadows from 0 to 1.

float vtShadowOptions::fShadowRadius

The radius to use when shadow area is limited.