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DxfParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DxfParser (const vtString &sFileName, std::vector< DxfEntity > &entities, std::vector< DxfLayer > &layers)
bool RetrieveEntities (bool progress_callback(int)=NULL)
vtString GetFileName ()
void SetFileName (const vtString &sFileName)
vtString GetLastError ()

Protected Member Functions

bool ParseSection ()
bool ReadCodeValue (DxfCodeValue &)
void SkipSection ()
void ReadTableSection (bool progress_callback(int))
void ReadEntitySection (bool progress_callback(int))
void ReadLayer ()
void ReadPoint ()
void ReadText ()
void ReadPolyline ()
void ReadLine ()
void ReadVertex (std::vector< DPoint3 > &)
int GetLayerIndex (const vtString &)
void ReadLWPolyline ()
void Read3DFace ()

Protected Attributes

std::vector< DxfEntity > & m_entities
std::vector< DxfLayer > & m_layers
vtString m_sFileName
FILE * m_pFile
size_t m_iLine
size_t m_iLineCount
int m_iCounter
long m_iEndPosition
vtString m_strMessage

Detailed Description

This class parses the entire contents of a DXF file. It is up to the caller to go through the resulting entities and use what is desired.

std::vector<DxfEntity> entities;
std::vector<DxfLayer> layers;
DxfParser parser(fname, entities, layers);
bool bSuccess = parser.RetrieveEntities();
if (bSuccess)
// Look through the entities and take what is needed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DxfParser::DxfParser ( const vtString sFileName,
std::vector< DxfEntity > &  entities,
std::vector< DxfLayer > &  layers 

Constructor. Pass in the filename to parse.

Member Function Documentation

bool DxfParser::RetrieveEntities ( bool   progress_callbackint = NULL)

This method will parse the entire file, collecting all entities that it finds.

progress_callbackPass a function to receive progress notification (values of 0 to 100) if desired. Optional.
Success. If failure, then call GetLastError() to get an informative error message.