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StructImportOptions Class Reference

Public Types

enum  HeightType {

Public Attributes

vtStructureType type
DRECT rect
bool bInsideOnly
bool bBuildFoundations
bool bUse25DForElevation
vtString m_strLayerName
 If there are several layers in the input, this is the name of the layer to use.
vtString m_strFieldNameHeight
enum StructImportOptions::HeightType m_HeightType
vtString m_strFieldNameFile
 If StructureInstance filename is taken from a field, name of that field.
vtString m_strFieldNameRoof
 If Building Roof Type is taken from a field, name of that field.
RoofType m_eRoofType
 If Building Roof Type is fixed, this is the type.
int m_iSlope
bool m_bFixedColor
RGBi m_BuildingColor
RGBi m_RoofColor

Detailed Description

This structure stores a description of how an imported file should be intepreted as built structure data.