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vtBioRegion Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Read (const char *fname, const vtSpeciesList &species)
bool ReadXML (const char *fname, const vtSpeciesList &species, vtString *msg=NULL)
bool WriteXML (const char *fname) const
int AddType (vtBioType *bt)
int NumTypes () const
vtBioTypeGetBioType (int i) const
int FindBiotypeIdByName (const char *name) const
void ResetAmounts ()
void Clear ()

Public Attributes

vtArray< vtBioType * > m_Types

Detailed Description

A bioregion is a set of all the biotypes (vtBioType) found in a given region. For example, the California bioregion contains biotypes for coastal wetlands, temperate rainforest, dry grasslands, alpine forest, etc.