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vtBioType Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void AddPlant (vtPlantSpecies *pSpecies, float plant_per_m2, float typical_size=-1.0f)
void ResetAmounts ()
int GetWeightedRandomPlant ()

Public Attributes

vtArray< vtPlantDensity * > m_Densities
vtString m_name

Detailed Description

A biotype is like a ecological type classification. It consists of any number of plant densities, which together describe how many species are found in a certain area, and the density of each. For example, "Hawaiian Mid-Elevation Rainforest" would be a biotype.

Member Function Documentation

int vtBioType::GetWeightedRandomPlant ( )

Request a plant (species ID) from this biotype. Returns a random plant, weighted by the relative densities of each species in this biotype.