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vtEdge Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 vtEdge (const vtEdge &lhs)
void Set (int doors, int windows, const char *material)
void AddFeature (int code, float width=-1.0f, float vf1=0.0f, float vf2=1.0f)
size_t NumFeatures () const
int NumFeaturesOfCode (int code) const
float FixedFeaturesWidth () const
float ProportionTotal () const
bool IsUniform () const
float SlopeRadians () const

Public Attributes

RGBi m_Color
int m_iSlope
const vtStringm_pMaterial
std::vector< vtEdgeFeature > m_Features
vtString m_Facade

Detailed Description

Each building level (vtLevel) is composed of a number of edges (vtEdge). There should be one vtEdge for each edge of the level's footprint.

Each edge is in turn composed of a number of vtEdgeFeature objects, which represent such things as walls, doors, and windows. An edge can also simply consist of a Facade texture map.