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vtFence Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

vtFenceoperator= (const vtFence &v)
void AddPoint (const DPoint2 &epos)
DLine2GetFencePoints ()
void SetFencePoints (const DLine2 &pts)
void GetClosestPoint (const DPoint2 &point, DPoint2 &closest)
double GetDistanceToLine (const DPoint2 &point)
int GetNearestPointIndex (const DPoint2 &point, double &fDist)
bool IsContainedBy (const DRECT &rect) const
bool GetExtents (DRECT &rect) const
void WriteXML (GZOutput &out, bool bDegrees) const
void ApplyStyle (vtLinearStyle style)
vtLinearParams & GetParams ()
virtual void SetParams (const vtLinearParams &params)
virtual void ProfileChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtStructure
void CopyFrom (const vtStructure &v)
void SetType (vtStructureType t)
vtStructureType GetType () const
void SetElevationOffset (float fOffset)
float GetElevationOffset () const
void SetAbsolute (bool b)
bool GetAbsolute () const
vtBuildingGetBuilding ()
vtFenceGetFence ()
vtStructInstanceGetInstance ()
void WriteTags (GZOutput &out) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtTagArray
void AddTag (const vtTag &pTag)
void AddTag (const char *name, const char *value)
vtTagFindTag (const char *szTagName)
const vtTagFindTag (const char *szTagName) const
vtTagGetTag (int index)
const vtTagGetTag (int index) const
uint NumTags () const
void RemoveTag (int index)
void RemoveTag (const char *szTagName)
void Clear ()
void SetValueString (const char *szTagName, const vtString &string, bool bCreating=false)
void SetValueBool (const char *szTagName, bool value, bool bCreating=false)
void SetValueInt (const char *szTagName, int value, bool bCreating=false)
void SetValueFloat (const char *szTagName, float value, bool bCreating=false)
void SetValueDouble (const char *szTagName, double value, bool bCreating=false)
void SetValueRGBi (const char *szTagName, const RGBi &value, bool bCreating=false)
const char * GetValueString (const char *szTagName, bool bSuppressWarning=false) const
bool GetValueBool (const char *szTagName) const
int GetValueInt (const char *szTagName) const
float GetValueFloat (const char *szTagName) const
double GetValueDouble (const char *szTagName) const
RGBi GetValueRGBi (const char *szTagName) const
bool GetValueString (const char *szTagName, vtString &string) const
bool GetValueBool (const char *szTagName, bool &bValue) const
bool GetValueInt (const char *szTagName, int &iValue) const
bool GetValueFloat (const char *szTagName, float &fValue) const
bool GetValueDouble (const char *szTagName, double &dValue) const
bool GetValueRGBi (const char *szTagName, RGBi &color) const
vtTagArrayoperator= (const vtTagArray &v)
bool operator== (const vtTagArray &v) const
bool operator!= (const vtTagArray &v) const
void CopyTagsFrom (const vtTagArray &v)
bool WriteToXML (const char *fname, const char *title) const
void WriteToXMLBody (FILE *fp, int iIndent) const
bool LoadFromXML (const char *fname)
virtual bool OverrideValue (const char *szTagName, const vtString &string)
virtual void WriteOverridesToXML (FILE *fp) const
void LogTags () const

Protected Attributes

DLine2 m_pFencePts
vtLinearParams m_Params
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtStructure
vtStructureType m_type
float m_fElevationOffset
bool m_bAbsolute
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtTagArray
std::vector< vtTagm_tags

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vtTagArray
static void SetVerbose (bool value)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from vtTagArray
static bool s_bVerbose = false

Detailed Description

The vtFence class represents any linear structure. This can be a fence, a wall, a railing, or any other kind of build structure which follows a line on the ground.

Member Function Documentation

void vtFence::GetClosestPoint ( const DPoint2 point,
DPoint2 closest_point 

Given a 2d point, return the fence point closest to it.

double vtFence::GetDistanceToLine ( const DPoint2 point)

Given a 2d point, return the distance to the closest point on the centerline.