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vtBuilding3d Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual bool CreateNode (vtTerrain *pTerr)
virtual vtGeodeGetGeom ()
 Access the Geometry node for this structure, if it has one.
virtual void ShowBounds (bool bShow)

Protected Member Functions

void AddWallSection (vtEdge *pEdge, bool bUniform, const FLine3 &quad, float h1, float h2, float hf1=-1.0f)
void AddHighlightSection (vtEdge *pEdge, const FLine3 &quad)
void AddDoorSection (vtEdge *pWall, vtEdgeFeature *pFeat, const FLine3 &quad)

Detailed Description

This class extends vtBuilding with the abiliity to construct and operate on a 3D model of a parametric building.

Member Function Documentation

void vtBuilding3d::AddDoorSection ( vtEdge pEdge,
vtEdgeFeature *  pFeat,
const FLine3 quad 

Builds a door section. will also build the wall above the door to ceiling height.

void vtBuilding3d::AddHighlightSection ( vtEdge pEdge,
const FLine3 quad 

Creates geometry for a highlighted area (an edge).

void vtBuilding3d::AddWallSection ( vtEdge pEdge,
bool  bUniform,
const FLine3 quad,
float  vf1,
float  vf2,
float  hf1 = -1.0f 

Builds a wall, given material index, starting and end points, height, and starting height.

bool vtBuilding3d::CreateNode ( vtTerrain pTerr)

Creates the geometry for the building. Capable of several levels of detail (defaults to full detail). If the geometry was already built previously, it is destroyed and re-created.

pTerrThe terrain on which to plant the building.

Implements vtStructure3d.

void vtBuilding3d::ShowBounds ( bool  bShow)

Display some bounding wires around the object to highlight it.

Reimplemented from vtStructure3d.