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vtIcoGlobe Member List

This is the complete list of members for vtIcoGlobe, including all inherited members.

Create(int iTriangleCount, const vtString &strImagePrefix, Style style=GEODESIC)vtIcoGlobe
FaceUVToGeo(int face, DPoint3 &uvw, double &lon, double &lat)DymaxIcosa
FindFace(const DPoint3 &p, int &face, int &subface)DymaxIcosa
FindFaceUV(const DPoint2 &p, int &face, int &subface, DPoint3 &uvw)DymaxIcosa
FindUV(const DPoint3 &p_in, int face, DPoint3 &uvw)DymaxIcosa
GeoToDymax(const DPoint2 &geo, DPoint2 &dymax)DymaxIcosa
GeoToFacePoint(const DPoint2 &p, int &face, int &subface, DPoint3 &p_out)DymaxIcosa
SetInflation(float f)vtIcoGlobe
SetUnfolding(float f)vtIcoGlobe