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vtIcoGlobe Class Reference
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void Create (int iTriangleCount, const vtString &strImagePrefix, Style style=GEODESIC)
void SetInflation (float f)
void SetUnfolding (float f)

Detailed Description

vtIcoGlobe is an icosahedral globe. To use it:

The globe has unit radius.

Member Function Documentation

void vtIcoGlobe::Create ( int  iTriangleCount,
const vtString strImagePrefix,
Style  style = GEODESIC 

Create the globe's geometry and nodes.

iTriangleCountThe desired triangle count of the entire globe. The class will attempt to match this value as closely as possible with the indicated tessellation.
strImagePrefixThe base of the filename for the set of icosahedral surface textures. For example, if your textures have the name "geosphere_*.jpg", pass "geosphere_"
styleTessellation style, can be one of:
  • GEODESIC A classic geodesic tiling based on subdividing the edges of the icosahedron and gnomonically projecting them to the sphere.
  • RIGHT_TRIANGLE An alternative approach where each face is divided into right triangles recursively.
  • DYMAX_UNFOLD Same as RIGHT_TRIANGLE but the faces are also placed on seperate geometries so that the globe can be unfolded in the Dymaxion style.
void vtIcoGlobe::SetInflation ( float  f)

Set the amount of inflation of the globe.

fRanges from 0 (icosahedron) to 1 (sphere)
void vtIcoGlobe::SetUnfolding ( float  f)

Set the amount of unfolding of the globe.

fRanges from 0 (sphere/icosahedron) to 1 (entirely unfolded flat)